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Lesbea – Megan Talerico & Therese Bizarre Alt Teen Girl Virgin Lesbian Orgasm

Megan may look like the boundary-pushing type with her punky hairstyle, tattoos, and revealing outfits, but she's never felt a woman's lips on her body. Since meeting the stunning dark-haired Therese, though, there has been a strong attraction unlike she's felt before, and the promise of initiation. When Therese accepts Megan's invitation to their first tryst, she arrives to find the badass blonde looking sexy in a fishnet body stocking. Letting the newbie take the lead, Therese gives up her body to be smothered in kisses and nibbles, then climbs on the table so Megan can lick and finger her pussy. Instinctively, Megan knows what to do. And after Therese orgasms, it's Megan's turn to feel the full pleasure of sensual lesbian lovemaking for the very first time.

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septiembre 14, 2017
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